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BV Incorporation

We can get you started on your business in the Netherlands by incorporating a Dutch LLC (BV)

Tax Advice

We offer Tax Advice from our in-house tax advisors to provide you with the in and outs of Dutch Tax Laws

Dutch Address

You will need to have an address in the Netherlands to start doing business here. We offer office space in the centre of Amsterdam


We offer a one-stop-shop for your Dutch business needs. Whether it's LLC incorporation, tax advice, an address or all of the above!

Starting a Dutch Business

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Please fill in the contact form below to get the incorporation of your BV started. Filling in the form is free and does not commit you to anything!


About us

Legalee is the one stop shop for starting a business in The Netherlands. We offer you a network of partners that take care of all your business' wants and needs. Our services include incorporation at a public notary, tax services, providing a physical or virtual address, legal services and setting up a bank account. Instead of consulting several professionals, Legalee takes care of everything in one place. Get in touch with us to find out more.


End to Dividend Tax

The new cabinet will put an end to the dividend tax. This is especially beneficial for foreign companies - and that is also the intention. The new cabinet wants to make it more attractive for foreign companies to settle here. For Dutch companies it saves a lot of administrative red tape. The ending of dividend tax costs the government annually 1.4 billion euros and must enter into 2019. This amount will be offset by other measures taken by the government for companies. Read more