Documentation & Information

The following documentation and information is needed in order to incorporate a BV if the shareholder is a company:

  • Name of the company to be established;
  • Address and registered office of the company to be established;
  • Purpose of company to be established;
  • Nominal value of the shares;
  • Number of shares to be issued;
  • First financial year of the company;
  • Director of the company to be established;
  • Data to be entered in the trade register, such as:
    • Phone number;
    • Fax number;
    • Mail Address;
    • Website;
    • Number of employed persons;
  • Legalised (?) passport
  • Rental contract office
  • A copy of the passport of the director of the incorporating company, provided with a legalisation as well as an apostille;
  • A signed power of attorney provided with a legalisation
  • Legal opinion (?) as well as an apostille;
  • An extract from the Chamber of Commerce (?) or an equivalent institution or a certificate of incumbency (to determine the identity of the incorporating company).
  • A document (?) which makes clear who the UBO (?)  of the incorporator is, provided with a legalisation as well as an apostille;

Required documents and services

There are different ways to proceed with the incorporation of a Dutch BV; this can be done in person at the office of the notary or remotely, either from abroad or while being in the Netherlands. In some cases it will be more cost effective to do the incorporation remotely, please get in touch to know which option is right for you!

 In person signingRemote signingRemote signing (in NL)
Legalised PassportNoYesYes
Power of AttorneyNoYesYes
Translation of Documents (€100,00 for English)YesYesYes
Interpreter (Price on Request)YesNoNo

Substance requirements

With substance the Dutch tax authority means real or actual presence. If a company lacks substance, the company lacks real or actual presence. Find the most important substance requirements below:

  • at least half of the statutory and decision-making board members live in the Netherlands, or are actually established here;
  • the Dutch board members have the necessary professional knowledge to carry out their duties properly;
  • the board is the decision-making authority;
  • the Dutch company has qualified personnel;
  • the board decisions must be taken in the Netherlands;
  • the main bank account is held in the Netherlands;
  • the accounting/bookkeeping takes place in the Netherlands;
  • the company complies with its tax declaration requirements;
  • the business address of the company is in the Netherlands, whereby the legal person in another country is not considered to be a tax resident;
  • the company has at least an appropriate equity capital.

Get started



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Please note that these prices are not final. No rights can be derived from this list

Incorporation non-corporate shareholder€799,00
+Extra shareholder +€100,00 per shareholder
Incorporation corporate shareholder€999,00
+Extra shareholder +€100,00 per shareholder
Holding BV 1 shareholder (if incorporated together with an operating BV)€599,00
Research Costs€20,00
Power of attorneyFREE
VAT registrationFREE
Foundation Setup€1500,00
Chamber of Commerce registration€50,00
Translation of documents€100,00 (ENGLISH)
Tax/bookkeeping services are provided by Koning Administratie
Bookkeeping and Quarterly VAT return
Less than 100 yearly invoices
€750,00 per year
Bookkeeping and Quarterly VAT return
Between 100 - 1000 yearly invoices
€2000,00 per year
Bookkeeping and Quarterly VAT return
Between 1000 - 2500 yearly invoices
€3000,00 per year
Bookkeeping and Quarterly VAT return
More than 2500 invoices per year
Price on request