Business address, office and virtual office

One of the main requirements to successfully set up your Dutch company is a business address.

Registering a Dutch company at a residential address

Generally speaking, you can register the company at a residential address. This can for example be your own home or the home of someone you work with. In case the address is not your own, we recommend you to draft a formal rental agreement. Some landlords do not want a rented residence to serve as an office address. We recommend you to check this with the landlord of the property you are thinking of registering the business at.

Furthermore, we advise that the company's address reflects the company's activity to a certain extent. If you are setting up a small marketing agency, it is not a problem if the company is registered at someone's residential address. This might be different when you establish a large industrial company.

Virtual office in the Netherlands

A virtual office in the Netherlands can provide you with a prestigious business address in a prime location, as well as many other services that can help to support your business. A virtual office can offer you a mailing address, telephone answering, and meeting room facilities, all without you having to worry about the cost or hassle of setting up and running your own office.

Most businesses can use a virtual office for their business. Again, it does depend on the type of business if the tax authorities will accept it for your tax/vat registration.

A virtual office can also offer you the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world, as well as providing you with a number of other services that can help to support your business.

If you are looking for a virtual office in the Netherlands, there are a number of companies that can offer you a range of services. These companies will often have a number of different packages that you can choose from, so that you can find the perfect solution for your business needs.

Does it matter which (virtual) office provider we use for our Dutch company?

Yes, it does. Some previous clients have experienced problems with certain address providers. Even some of the well-known office services have addresses where the companies who register there have problems getting through the checks from the tax authorities (Belastingdienst) and/or banks.

For example, a client of ours rented an address with a known office provider. Because several of the companies registered at that address were mentioned in the Panama Papers, the Belastingdienst (tax authorities) made it very difficult for them. This had nothing to do with our client of course, but he still had issues with applying for a bank account because of this.
The reason for this is that there are hundreds of companies registered at their offices, which makes it likely that some will not be as trustworthy. None of this will necessarily happen in your case, but you should be aware of it.

I do not have an office address in the Netherlands, can Legalee help with this?

We do not offer any office/address services.
We can help you with finding a suitable (Virtual) office space for your company.

*Compliance with Wtt. Legalee can assist in finding a solution for tax and office for their clients through third parties. However, Legalee does not provide this service themselves and therefore is not part of the service of incorporation of a company in the Netherlands. These services are optional services carried out by a third party provider. Providing such services in-house would require a license according to the Wtt (Wet toezicht trustkantoren). Legalee does not possess such license since company formation is the core service of Legalee.

Commercial lease agreement

A commercial lease agreement is the contract that states what a the ower of a business property and the customer (lessee) have agreed upon. The main commitment of the business that rents the premises is to pay the rent. The landlord on the other hand, makes the property available to the lessee and has a certain duty to make sure the property is in good shape.


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Milan van Boheemen. Founding partner

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