Start a Pharmaceutical Company in the Netherlands

In this article we will discuss what makes the Netherlands an attractive country to start a pharmaceutical or life sciences company. After which we will walk through the steps to start up a company in the pharmaceutical industry. If you require any advice, do not hesitate to contact us. Why the Netherlands is a global […]

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How to finance your business in the Netherlands

You are starting up a new company in the Netherlands and you have a certain growth expectation? In that case, you will probably need to have some sort of funding. If you are not financing your business yourself, you should look for external funding possibilities. Luckily, the Netherlands offers a wide variety of funding networks, […]

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Start a transport company in the Netherlands

Of all European countries, the Netherlands is probably the most suitable to start your transport company. There are many reasons why the Netherlands is such a huge player in the logistical industry. For example, because of its geographical location the Netherlands is a major gateway into the European market. Because of this the country has […]

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Start up an e-commerce business in the Netherlands

The Netherlands has one of the most well-developed e-commerce infrastructures in the world. Even more than in other Western European countries, Dutch people are extremely used to buying goods and services online. Furthermore, the physical infrastructure is extremely suitable for fast e-commerce delivery. Due to the countries small size, extensive and high-quality road network, delivery […]

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