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FAQ about BV incorporation in the Netherlands

The BV is a limited liability company and preferred legal form for foreign entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. That is because the BV is flexible, easy and affordable to set up. On top of that, the overall tax pressure on a BV in the Netherlands is one of the lowest in Europe. Finally, your BV will shield you from personal liability of your company’s actions, debt and bankruptcy.

BV Packages: Company Formation + Legal Contracts

1 shareholder Multiple shareholders

Single BV

€ 1500From € 1600
  • 1 BV incorporation & registration
  • All BV contracts included
  • Full GDPR package
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BV Holding Structure

€ 2300From € 2500
  • Incorporation of Holding + Operating BV
  • All BV Holding structure contracts
  • Full GDPR package

Corporate Shareholder

€ 2019From € 2139
  • 1 BV with existing (foreign) corporate shareholder
  • All BV contracts included
  • Full GDPR package

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  • Company formation
  • Legal contracts & compliance
  • Tax & accounting services
Milan van Boheemen. Founding partner
Milan van Boheemen. Founding partner

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Let's discuss for example how to register a BV or other entity in the Netherlands and which contracts you need to have to be legally compliant.

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Set up a BV in a specific Dutch industry

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