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The cookie statement is part of the mandatory GDPR documents that you need to have if you are processing personal data. If you use cookies, you must inform the visitors of your website and ask the visitors of your website for permission before the cookies are placed. This is not necessary if the cookies you use fall under one of the exceptions from the Cookie Act. The exception is functional cookies, you do not have to ask the user for permission, but you must report that you use the cookies. When you use cookies on your website, it is legally required by the cookie law and the GDPR to have a cookie policy. By making a cookie statement, you ensure that visitors to your website are informed about the cookies that are placed, their purposes and the way in which permission can be given for placing the cookies. You risk a high fine if you do not properly and clearly inform the visitors of your website about cookies.

What do I get?

Custom-made Cookie statement

Dutch and English copy of the Cookie statement

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FAQ about Cookie statement in the Netherlands


Together when we incorporated the company we also worked together on my GDPR + Cookie policy + Privacy.
Do I need a cookie pop-up/banner for customers to explicitly consent with the use of cookies?
At the moment I just have it in my footer but they don’t have to say yes or no.


Correct, almost any webshop is required to have that cookie statement. There are several ways to interpret the privacy laws, but in any case I would recommend you to state a clear yes/no (or a selection of the types of cookies that a visitor accepts). If you are using WordPress there are several great plugins that make sure you are fully compliant cookie-wise.

Process and Pricing for Cookie statement

After you have fulfilled the checkout process, we will send you a form where you will out a few details about yourself, your company and your company structure. Once this has been filled out we will start working on your Cookie statement. This takes on average 1-2 working days.

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cookie statement

Cookie statement or full legal compliance check?

If you want to make sure you have all your Dutch legal paperwork in order, we can help you out. Fill out our compliance quote form and we will contact you as soon as possible.