Employment contract

If your company hires an employee or you want to employ yourself in your company, you should have an employment contract in place. This agreement contains among other things the terms to end the agreement, employment right such as sick days and vacation days and other special agreements such as compensation for a lease car. Because employees are usually the most valuable asset in any business and conflicts with employees can be very costly and damaging for your business’ reputation, you should arrange and document your agreements with your staff well.

What do I get?

Custom-made Employment contract

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FAQ about Employment contract in the Netherlands

The employment contract (or labour contract) is one of the most common contracts in a business. It is also one of the most heavily regulated ones. Meaning that an employer is not allowed to put whatever clause in the agreement. Instead, labour laws are strict and first and foremost protect the worker. The employment contract should not cross with the Dutch civil law. Neither should it deviate from the collective labour agreement (CAO) that applies to many industries in the Netherlands.

What are some of the most important things arranged in a Dutch employment contract?

That depends a bit on what you find important and whether you are an employee or employer yourself. The following points are often regarded as important issues:

  • Salary: As an employer, you must withhold taxes from the salary of your staff. In the contract you determine the gross salary of the employee.
  • Vacation time: Every employee is entitled four times the average number of hours worked per week. A full-timer is therefore entitled to at least 20 vacation days.
  • Sick days: If an employee cannot work because they are sick, they are still entitled to a salary.

When do I need a Dutch employment contract?

If you are employing yourself or any staff in your company. This can be both in case of a BV (limited company) and a sole proprietorship or general partnership. In case of a BV, the major director-shareholder is employed in the BV and owns more than 5 percent of the shares in the company. To formalise the relationship to the BV, an employment agreement is drafted.

Is this contract for temporary and/or permanent employment?

This contract service covers both temporary and permanent positions. And both full-time and part-time.

Process and Pricing for Employment contract

After you have fulfilled the checkout process, we will send you a form where you will out a few details about yourself, your company and your company structure. Once this has been filled out we will start working on your Employment contract. This takes on average 1-2 working days.

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Employment contract or full legal compliance check?

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