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All you Dutch company's legal paperwork and advice in one place

All business contracts - made-to-measure

Legal and business desk (live chat)

1,250.00 / year

Milan van Boheemen, founding partner & business advisor
Milan van Boheemen, founding partner & business advisor
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Control of your Dutch legal paperwork. At your fingertips

Find out everything we can do for you to make your Dutch venture run smoothly in no-time.

Legal and business compliance, simplified and centralized

Get in touch with us and receive a quote and a initial consult free of charge. We are happy to help you move forward with your business in the Netherlands.

What do I get?

Access to 50+ custom contracts, guides and documents

Dutch and English copies of all documents

Fully compliant with Dutch and EU rules

Unlimited access to legal and business advice through live chat

Custom contract within minutes

Complete our question-answer modules (in non-legal English) and get ready-made custom legal documents.

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In a changing world, your business is up-to-date

Whether it is Brexit, a worldwide pandemic or simply changes in national or EU laws and regulations, we got you covered. All documents, contracts and advice on Legalee Premium is in line with the very latest legal and business developments.


Full GDPR compliance guaranteed

Legalee Premium includes all GDPR documents and advice. Become fully GDPR compliant within an hour.

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We will be in touch shortly with a personal quote and advice. In the meantime, feel free to check out our website and find out everything you need to know about starting up a business in the Netherlands.


What our clients think

I was satisfied with entire process, prompt reaction to all requests.

thumb Marian V .

100% recommend this company, your work is taken care of

thumb Abdul Hameed Mohammad

I have had my company set up and incorporated by Legalee few months ago and would absolutely recommend their services. The after service is top notch as well and the... read more

thumb Saniya Boss

Professional company, been excellent service, Milan in particular gone out of his way to help and was very patient with my many questions. After sale service continued even after incorporation,... read more

thumb Levasto Hotels