Legal contracts for a BV company

Find all contracts you should consider when starting and operating a BV limited company in the Netherlands.

Are there 2 or more shareholders active in your company? In that case, you should have a shareholders agreement. This agreement determines who has control over the company and what happens when issues arise.

Secondly, if you or anyone else will be employed in the BV company, you should have an employment contract. Not only is this important to protect the employee’s rights. It also makes sure the employer knows what to expect from the employee in the BV.

Thirdly, it is very common to transfer money back and forth from your personal account to the company account and vice versa. Even if you accidentally using your company credit card instead of your private one, you are formally taking a loan from the company. These financial transactions should be legally formalized in a so-called current-account agreement (or in Dutch: rekening-courant).

Fourth, make sure to have your terms and conditions in order. Even more, if you operate a webshop, make sure you have your customer’s rights and obligations written down in our specialized terms and conditions for ecommerce.

Fifth, almost all companies in the Netherlands deal with personal data in some way or another. You are most likely one of them. This is why we have designed an online GDPR check. Here you can do a legal quick scan to find out which legal documents you should have in order to be fully GDPR compliant.

And finally, at one stage in your company’s lifetime it probably needs funding. Or you will sell or buy some shares in a Dutch company. We have created a selection of legal documents that are helpful when dealing with finding capital, selling and buying shares and taking a business loan.