Incorporation non-corporate shareholder€799,00
+Extra shareholder +€100,00 per shareholder
Incorporation corporate shareholder€999,00
+Extra shareholder +€100,00 per shareholder
Research Costs€12,50
Power of attorneyFREE
VAT registrationFREE
Holding + Work BV (1 shareholder)€1399,00
Holding + Work BV (2 shareholders)€1999,00
Office space / Dutch Address€125,00 per month
Translation of documents€100,00 (ENGLISH)
Bookkeeping, Quarterly VAT return and Income Tax for main directorfrom €150,- per month
Corporate Income Tax (including annual financial statement & deposit at chamber of commerce)€850,- per year
General Tax Advice€99,00 per hour
Payroll services€25,00 per month (€95,00 setup costs)

*please note that these prices are not final. No rights can be derived from this list.


Required documents and services

There are different ways to proceed with the incorporation of a Dutch BV; this can be done in person at the office of the notary or remotely, either from abroad or while being in the Netherlands. In some cases it will be more cost effective to do the incorporation remotely, please get in touch to know which option is right for you!

In person signingRemote signingRemote signing (in NL)
Legalised PassportNoYesNo (in most cases)
ApostilleNoYesNo (in most cases)
Power of AttorneyNoYesYes
Translation of Documents (€100,00 for English)NoYesYes
Interpreter (Price on Request)YesNoNo

Changes made after incorporation

If you want to make certain changes to your bv company after incorporation, often this has to be done by the notary. Find the most common adjustments below.

A new director

Appointing a new director is a decision made by the general assembly of shareholders. The minutes must be drawn up by the notary.
The notary costs are EUR 75. This change has to be registered at the Chamber of Commerce. This costs an additional EUR 25.
Total EUR 100 excluding VAT.

A new shareholder:

Adding new shareholders can be done in two ways:
Option 1. Transfer of exisiting shares to new shareholder
Notary fees deed of share transfer € 595, - (English deed)
Notary fees processing trade register changes € 25, -
Notary fees Power of Attorney €42,50
Research costs persons (per person) € 17.50 /  In case of corporate shareholder: research costs € 25,-
Option 2. issue of new shares
Notary costs deed of issuing shares including drawing up shareholders' resolution € 640, - (English deed)
Notary fees processing trade register changes € 25, -
Notary fees Power of Attorney €42,50
Research costs persons (per person) € 17.50 /  In case of corporate shareholder: research costs € 25,-
These are estimations. The price could differ for your specific situation. All prices are excluding VAT.


Example: BV with one shareholder (person)

A client from Spain wants to set up a one-shareholder bv company to start an e-commerce business in The Netherlands. The client will personally be the sole shareholder. He is currently on a business trip and cannot be present in The Netherlands. He does not speak the Dutch language. He is fluent in Spanish and has a good understanding of English, written and verbally. He already has an address to register the business at.


  • Incorporation at the Notary: EUR 799
  • Chamber of Commerce registration: EUR 50
  • Translation of incorporation documents to English + Power of Attorney: EUR 100
  • Research costs: EUR 12,50 per person involved
  • VAT registration: Free

Total costs: EUR 961.50 (excluding VAT)

Required documents

  • Legalized passport
  • Apostille
  • Legalized signature
  • Power of attorney (provided by us)

Incorporation at the Notary
The legal process in which the notary forms the corporate entity.

POA & Translation
We choose to incorporate using Power of Attorney (POA). By using a POA, the client gives the authority to the notary to sign on his behalf. The client has to fully understand what he is signing. If he is present at the incorporation and signs the documents himself, a legal translator has to be present. This is an expensive service, so we proceed by signing using a POA. Because it is a legal obligation that the client knows what the notary signs for on his behalf, he will be provided with a translation of the incorporation documents.

Research costs
The notary carries a large responsibility. It is required by law to conduct a thorough investigation into the persons behind a company.

Chamber of commerce registration
After the notary has conducted the incorporation, the notary submits the relevant documents to the Kamer van Koophandel (the dutch chamber of commerce). The KvK charges a one-time registration fee of 50 euros (no vat applies).

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