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Find an overview of the business services and pricing of Legalee and its partners below. If you are in need of any other services or assistance concerning doing business in the Netherlands, please contact us.

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BV - Limited company - incorporation

Single BV

Price: from €799,-

Includes full incorporation and registration:

  • Deed of incorporation
  • Articles of association
  • Power of Attorney
  • UBO registration


  • Per shareholder (person): €100,00
  • Per shareholder (company): €300,00
  • Translation: €100,00
  • Research costs: €20,00 (required)
  • Chamber of Commerce registration fee: €50,00
BV Holding Structure

Tax & administration

Most BV companies will at least need to do bookkeeping, quarterly VAT tax returns, corporate income tax return and file their annual accounts. These services are usually outsourced to an accountant. Find these services below, together with some other tax and administrative services that might apply.

For more information on accounting and tax returns in the Netherlands, visit this page and calculate your price.

Bookkeeping & VAT return

Package price: from €99 euros per month

Legalee offers these services through its partners. The fees below are estimates. Please contact us if you are interested in a quote for your Dutch company.


You are required to set up and maintain a well-organised administration and keep your books for 7 years.

Bookkeeping software

Exact accounting software package to manage your BV's administration. License fees: from €8,50 per month.

VAT return (quarterly)

If your company is registered for VAT, you are required to submit a VAT return after every quarter.

Annual accounts
Corporate income tax return
Personal income tax
Employee payroll
Tax advice
30%-ruling application
EORI application
Article 23 permit / VAT representative

Legal contracts & compliance

To operate a company in the Netherlands, as anywhere else, means to be sure that all your affairs are in order. We can help you with that, by creating customized agreements based on your personal wishes. That way you, and your company, will always be prepared. For a full overview of legal compliance in the Netherlands, please browse through our compliance page.

Holding structure documents

Make sure your holding structure is completely legally watertight with our BV holding structure agreements.

Management contract - Price: €200

In a holding structure, the holding company will usually perform 'management' tasks in the operating company. In practice this means that the holding will send invoices for this work to the operating company. This relationship is laid down in a so-called management agreement. A manager does not receive a salary, but a management fee. The company does not have to withhold wage taxes from the management fee.
It’s possible to include other provisions as well.

Employment contract - Price: €200

In case you or anyone else will be employed by one of the Dutch entities, you should have a Dutch employment contract. As an employer, you must withhold taxes from the salary of your staff. In the contract you determine the gross salary of the employee, vacation time and sick days.

Current account agreement - Price: €100

Even if you borrow money from your own company, or if your operating company borrows money from your holding, it is important to record this well. For example when the company needs a bridge loan and you provide this from your personal account. But also when you have a personal bill paid by the BV. You do this with a current account agreement. The Tax Authorities only accept this if the agreements remain 'business-like', meaning that your company could also give this loan to someone else on these terms.

Shareholders' agreement
Employment contract
GDPR Compliance
Terms & conditions
Finance contracts
Insurance check

Consulting expertises

Every business entering the Netherlands is different. However, many of them have certain things in common. We have built-up thorough knowledge and understanding of what foreign entrepreneurs and businesses moving to the Netherlands are looking for. Whether you are looking for industry-specific compliance, you are looking for funding or a business partner in the Netherlands, we are here to help you.


Legalee and its partners offer strategic advice for small and medium-sized enterprises entering the Dutch market. From an one-off advice about a specific industry to a thorough investigation of a new market opportunity, we are here to help you out.

Cyber security

Visa & relocation services

Running a business in the Netherlands, often means that the founder and/or employees physically move to the Netherlands. There are strict rules to who gets to stay and work in the Netherlands. Together with our relocation partner we have developed a number of standard visa and migration services to make your move to the Netherlands a smooth ride.

Residence Permits
  • Startup visa
  • Highly skilled migrant permits
Corporate relocations
Home finding service
Municipality registration
Short stay accommodation
Other services

All prices are excluding 21% BTW/VAT. Any VAT paid can be reclaimed at the company's first VAT return.

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Checklist: All services related to setting up a BV

Note: Legalee does not offer all of the services below. This is an example of the required, recommended and optional services related to setting up and running a BV. Different requirements may apply for companies operating in certain industries.

 Single BV:
Shareholder is a Person/Company
Holding structure:
holding bv + operating bv
Deed of incorporation✔ Required✔ Required
Translation of documents✔ Required✔ Required
Shareholders agreement★ Recommended (if multiple shareholders involved)★ Recommended (if multiple shareholders involved)
Chamber of commerce registration (KvK)✔ Required✔ Required
VAT registration✔ Required✔ Required
EORI registrationOptionalOptional
VAT representativeOptionalOptional
Legal contracts & compliance
Management agreementOptional★ Recommended
Current-account agreementOptional★ Recommended
Employment contract main shareholder-director★ Recommended★ Recommended
GDPR Compliance★ Recommended★ Recommended
Tax & Accounting
Bookkeeping✔ Required✔ Required
Quarterly VAT return filing✔ Required✔ Required
Annual financial report✔ Required✔ Required
Corporate tax return✔ Required✔ Required
Address & Office
Registered address✔ Required✔ Required
Physical office spaceOptionalOptional
Mail forwarding serviceOptionalOptional
Dutch phone number★ Recommended★ Recommended
Banking & Insurance
Bank account★ Recommended★ Recommended
Company insurance★ RecommendedOptional

*Compliance with Wtt. Legalee can assist in finding a solution for tax and office for their client through third parties. However, Legalee does not provide this service themselves and therefore is not part of the service of incorporation of a company in the Netherlands. These services are optional services carried out by a third party provider. Providing such services in-house would require a license according to the Wtt (Wet toezicht trustkantoren). Legalee does not possess such license since company formation is the core service of Legalee.