To operate a company in the Netherlands, as anywhere else, means to be sure that all your affairs are in order. We can help you with that, by creating customized agreements based on your personal wishes. That way you, and your company, will always be prepared!

Shareholders agreement


Why do you need a shareholders agreement?

In the shareholders agreement you state who will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the company. You also determine for which decisions management first requires shareholders' approval.

Decision making
Decisions are taken democratically in the shareholders' meeting (AGM). However, some decisions are so important that a large majority is needed. In the contract you determine for which decisions this is necessary.

Management contract


Why do you need a Management contract?

Management fee
A manager does not receive a salary, but a management fee.  The company does not have to withhold wage taxes from the management fee.

Other provisions
It's possible to include other provisions as well. For example, you can include agreements about confidentiality and you can agree that the manager may not be employed by a competitor after his work for the company

Employment contract


Why do you need an employment contract?

As an employer, you must withhold taxes from the salary of your staff. In the contract you determine the gross salary of the employee.

Vacation time
Every employee is entitled four times the average number of hours worked per week. A full-timer is therefore entitled to at least 20 vacation days.

Sick days
If an employee cannot work because they are sick, they are still entitled to a salary. 

Tax services

from €99,- per month

Monthly accounting
Tax advice
VAT declaration
Exact Software subscription (simple)

Annual accounts: €450,00
Payroll: €10,00 per month / per employee
30% ruling application: €49,50
Personal income tax for director: from €85,00

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