To operate a company in the Netherlands, as anywhere else, means to be sure that all your affairs are in order. We can help you with that, by creating customized agreements based on your personal wishes. That way you, and your company, will always be prepared!

Shareholders Agreement 

The shareholders agreement states who is responsible for the day-to-day management of the company. You can also determine which decisions first require shareholders' approval.


Managment Agreement 

A manager does not receive a salary, but a management fee.  The company does not have to withhold wage taxes from the management fee.
It's possible to include other provisions as well. 


Employment Contract

As an employer, you must withhold taxes from the salary of your staff. In the contract you determine the gross salary of the employee, vacation time and sick days.


GDPR - Data Processing Agreement

Almost every business relies on third parties to process personal data. Whether it’s an email client, a cloud storage service, or website analytics software. You must have a data processing agreement with each of these services to achieve GDPR compliance. 


Tax Services 
provided by SFAA

Monthly accounting
Tax advice
VAT declaration
Exact Software subscription (simple)

from €99,- per month

Terms and Conditions (T&C)

General terms and conditions make clear from the start what the respective rights and duties of you and your customers are.   
General terms and conditions can decrease the risks you are running as an entrepreneur.

That is why having T&C is important for all entrepreneurs.