Permits & business licences in the Netherlands

Depending on the type of business you will run, certain permits, licenses or other documentation may be required.


For trading companies that conduct import and/or export activities a EORI-number is often required. With the EORI number Customs identifies economic operators in the same way in all Member States. This yields efficiency benefits for those economic operators and customs alike. (EORI-number = Economic Operators Registration and Identification number.) You can apply for an EORI-number at the website of the Dutch Tax and Customs Authorities (Belastingdienst).

Registration for employers

If you are employing personnel for the first time, you must register as an employer with the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration. You will then receive the necessary forms to meet your payroll tax obligations.

Sector specific

Other special or industry specific permits and licenses may be required. For example for the food, transport or pharma industry. If you want to sell alcohol or tobacco, for example, you need to be aware of the specific rules.

Transport licenses

A large part of the Dutch transport industry is regulated. This means that you will need some sort of haulage license if you want commercially transport goods or people using the Dutch infrastructure.

We offer assistance with all transport licenses. The most common one is the Euro License for road transportation. You need one if you have at least one vehicle with a payload of more than 500 kg. A Euro license applies to domestic and cross-border transport within the European Union and must be renewed every 5 years.

Please note that a Euro license requires a registered transport manager. This can be your local manager or an externally hired manager. Please contact us if you have any questions about this.

Price for Euro haulage license application: €750